Hey y’all.

I’m Isabel Hutchinson, a solar-powered bookworm, wanderer, and question-asker.

I began a blog back in 2017, and I have been operating a website with varying degrees of success since. In some seasons of life I am churning out writing like my life depends on it, and in some seasons of life I am brewing the next batch. But in all of these seasons, I am crafting stories – stories about me, about the beautiful places I get to see and people I get to meet, about this crazy, magical, tragic, vibrating, and vivid world we live in.

Since you’re here, it’s only fair that I tell you a little bit about me.

I was born to connect with other human beings. I can think of no joy greater than witnessing the twinkle in someone’s eye when they speak from their deepest passions, when their truest self shines through despite all of the world’s resistance. I yearn to know the hearts and minds and dreams and fears of those in my life. I want to know your first dog’s name and your biggest heartbreak and the love of your life and your favorite book and what sets your soul on fire and what movies make you cry.

I crave this vulnerability constantly. To be vulnerable is to strip ourselves of all of the social conditioning that tells us, especially as women, to be tame, strong, stoic, private, quiet, independent, happy, and never difficult.

To be vulnerable is to bare our truest selves to the world.

To be vulnerable is to scream for all to hear- here I am, as I am, for all to see.

So here I am, as I am, for you to see.

Thank you for being here.